Epoxy Creations

How it Works

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Not all epoxy floors are created equal. At Epoxy Creations, our goal is to give you an epoxy floor that is stylish and durable for many years to come. To achieve this result, we use a 5-coat system using the following steps:

Concrete Grinding & Preparation

Proper preparation is the key to success for epoxy flooring. Every concrete surface has variations in hardness and moisture content. Older concrete has also had exposure to other elements such as oil, chemicals, and dirt. We take into consideration all these factors when selecting suitable diamonds to grind your floor. After grinding, we will repair all cracks in the floor with an epoxy-based filler in preparation for the epoxy coatings.

Prime & Base coat of tinted epoxy

A prime coat of tinted epoxy is applied to the floor next and allowed to dry. This coat will mainly soak into the concrete forming a solid foundation for the next coat of epoxy to bond to. We then apply the base coat of tinted epoxy to which we broadcast your selected flake while the epoxy is still wet.


Your selected flake is broadcast evenly over the base coat of epoxy. Check out the full range of colours available. Excess flake is removed prior to sealing.

Polyaspartic Sealer – 2 coats

To finish your floor and give it that long-lasting protection, we apply 2 coats of a polyaspartic sealer to your floor. A few of the many benefits of polyaspartic is its resistance to oil and chemicals and that it is also fast curing, meaning you get to use your floor sooner.